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Improving quality of life for your most treasured companions.

Essential Oils

Whether they purr, bark, chirp, or hiss, animals can benefit from the health-supporting benefits of Young Living’s essential oils, contributing considerably to your pets’ quality of life.

Life's Abundance Nutrition

Each and every ingredient in Life’s Abundance food is carefully chosen to work with the others, and to supply your companion with perfectly balanced meal every day, every year, for a lifetime.

Equine Massage

Home and elective functional therapy makes changes in the muscles to achieve proper function, and further improve the horse’s function and ability to perform at an optimal level.

Essential Oils

Essential oils have a variety of uses, helping your pets with hot spots, itching, skin allergies, oral and digestive health, coat maintenance, emotional support, and much, much more.

When used safely and with correct technique, the benefits are endless!

Life’s Abundance

While the first five ingredients play a significant role in a nutritional make up of your dog’s food, every single ingredient is important. Life‘s abundance contains at least 26% of high-quality protein, A, C & E and vegetable antioxidant system, chicken fat, and dietary fiber.

We guarantee our probiotics are live, thanks to the short amount of time between cooking and delivery. Some store-bought pet food could be up to one year old after sitting in trucks, warehouses, or pet store shelves. We cook small batches to guarantee the freshest quality.


Equine Massage

Myo-manipulative functional therapy literally means making changes in the muscles to achieve proper function. This is a form of sports massage that rather than just focusing on massage techniques. It also addresses physical therapies and exercises that can further improve the horse’s function and ability to perform at an optimal level.

Massage helps to break down the scar tissue, allowing muscles to be elastic and flexible, while moving muscles without tension to help keep joints aligned and put less stress on tendons, reducing wear and tear. The technique also dilates blood vessels, increases blood flow to the area, increases circulation, and can help speed recovery, reduce stress, improve posture, coat, muscle tone, and so much more

LifeWave Aculife Patches

LifeWave’s AcuLife patches are a new technology for providing pain relief and improving the overall quality of life for your horse. LifeWave’s technology accomplishes this by working with your horse’s body, not against it, and without harsh drugs or a veterinary prescription. You care about the health and well-being of your horse. Now you can decrease your horse’s pain and inflammation in a safe and all-natural way. This is how your horse’s body is supposed to function, both now and all through its life.

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